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Need a experienced designer? Having over 22 years of professional design experience having designed thousands of designs for hundreds of clients across the USA with over 2 million units sold as Collectables. Your concepts and design goals will be exceeded by a designer you can count on to have the work done on time.

Color Brass art.

6-8 screen printed color on acid etched brass. Black areas other than printed black represent the cut out areas and brass is bent to give 3-D effect. I designed over 1000 of these ornaments for clients across the USA and Canada using Adobe Illustrator.

Actual finished Brass product.

2-D Poly art.

I designed these in Illustrator then colored in photoshop then sculpted them and sent them to China for production. We had a 8 color limit as they are hand painted so the art could not be too complicated but we pushed the limits on them to have the highest detailed poly magnets and ornaments on the market. I designed and sculpted hundreds of these with a min order of 100 dozen and price breaks at 200 and 300 dozen and many of them were re-ordered over and over for example Kennedy Space Center still orders designs by the 300 dozens that are over 10 years old. I also did poly picture frames, bells, plates, and thimbles.

Finished Poly products that I designed and sculpted.

Sculptures for Molding Poly magnets.

These are some actual sculptures I sculpted out of clay these are smaller than the palm of your hand.

Spun Satin Ball Art.

These examples were hand drawn then traced in Adobe Illustrator then colored in photoshop.

More Product Art can be seen on the Product Design Page.

Pocket watches, Picture frames, Pewter products, Bells, Thimbles, Wind chimes, Porcelain Ornaments, Snow Globes, MDF fiberboard, And more. Please see my video presentation for an example view of the brass and poly ornaments.

Here is a short video so you can see the finished products.

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