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I charge $25 per hour illustration, sculpting, Lessons, Paintings, Product design, Photo Editing.


If I can use the following Items in my portfolio. Some limitations apply.

$200 Website special

4 basic pages Hand Coded or in Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Wix, SiteBuilder, Weebly and others. Limited time only I just need a few more sites for my portfolio and the price will go to $300

$50 Logos

This includes 3 roughs to choose from and 1 final.

$130 Website Makeover

Taking your existing site and makeing it mobile friendly fixing minor problems improving SEO.

$15hr. Photography

Ask about flat rate deals.

$15hr. Graphic Design for Print

Ask about flat rate deals.

$20hr. Web Graphics

Banners, Ads, Graphics, Ect.

$15hr. Video Editing.

Adding text, Spicing sceans, color or ligting adjustment, Adding music and removing background sounds.

$15hr. Facebook Posting

This is creating content, writing and editing and posting images.

There may be other discounts or package deal pricing for example you need a website and a logo as well as some photos taken of your product or business I can can group this up in a discount package deal.