Designer for Hire


Are you looking to have an original painting done? Maybe your pet, an idea or something you are passionate about. Maybe you have a space on your wall that needs to be filled with a certian motif or you just want to part of the creation project. I work in Water Colors, Acrylics, Sculpture, Pencils and Computer Graphics.

Original Water Color Paintings

Original Concept Acrylic Art on Canvas

Wall Painting

This was probably the largest single canvas I have ever worked on besides some window paiting for a restaurant.

Window Painting

I just started window painting in the Portland area.

Paintings I did from the PaintNite Gallery

All Paintings with the exception of the Beach with Rock were are done in less than an hour 2 hours counting drying time and breaks that would be taken for events.

Painting In Progress

Original butterfly paiting step 1
Paint the butterfly shape
darken the shape of the body
add shading to wing
Do the same for the other wing
paint green leaves
ad blue flower
paint in more details
paint in butterfly wind details
Original butterfly paiting step 10
add wing spots
more details
Finished Original butterfly acrylic paiting
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