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Web Designer, Graphic Designer seeking full-time or freelance work. Website Design Specials.

Skilled at HTML/CSS CMS Wordpress, Have done projects using Drupal, Joomla, Adobe Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Muse, and Flash, I have a 54 credit Web Design certifacate in Web Design from Clackamas Community College with classes in Javascript, Jquery, Php MySql. and am highly skilled in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and InDesign in both Macintosh and Windows PC environments. These are only my freelance sites. I have also co-created many other sites.

Need a basic website now but don't have thousands of dollars to spend! Basic site design for you as low as $200Some restrictions do apply and this does not include the cost of domain registration and hosting.

Why do I offer $200 websites? The same reason you maybe considering a $200 website which is to get your business name onto the web and start building web autority. Even if you are just getting your feet wet in business you need to be online where people can research you and know you are legit. I also know if you are happy with the results when your business grows I trust you will come back for your design needs.More Information

Organic SEO. Search Engine Optomization

If you found this site using google it's no accident. It is the SEO that I coded into it. I don't take any shortcuts while designing sites. I want the sites I creat to rank high on google searches. Not all businesses have money to spend on SEM so I make sure the sites I build are built using stratigic key words that alt tags are used. And I can advise you on creating content to find your nitch in the most relevent search terms in a ocean of websites.

Please feel free to Contact me for a free consultation and estimate I also offer flat rate websites that can fit your budget.

Is your site out of date or not mobile friendly? Is it hurting your seach ratings? Let me help.

Don't have time to learn how to build a do it yourself website like Weebly, Wix, ect...? I can design those too!

I will also be able to assist in in Web graphics, banners, logos, photos editing, and custom design. Please Contact me to discuss cost.

This portfolio site website is my first published hand coded HMTL CSS website. All Designs, Graphics, Product photos except some of the photos used to create the spun satin balls and Marine raiders coins or otherwise noted was produced by Billy Bonner of billybdesign. The video was also produced by Billy Bonner using photoshop.

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